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FLA-PASS Website:

Database URL:

** FLA-PASS databases are first listed by topic. To see ALL of the databases, click on the “All Databases” link under the Quick Links menu on the right.

What is FLA-PASS?In 2010 the Florida State Legislature passed into law a bill on electronic resource licensing that requires the Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC) to deem as authorized users of state funded e-resources all students in public secondary school “accelerated” programs. The program by which students have access to these resources is called Florida Library Access – Pass for Accelerated Secondary Students, or FLA-PASS.

How do students join FLA-PASS or receive log-in access? Each student participating in an accelerated mechanism who wishes to access FLA-PASS resources must complete the eligibility verification form (available online at and have it signed by a parent or guardian and their school principal. Forms will be collected by designated staff at each school. Please note that this form must be completed and submitted for each school year that the student is an eligible authorized user under law. Communications regarding this program, including account activation instructions, will be sent to the student e-mail provided.

** Username is the student’s email address. Students with LOGIN ISSUES should complete & submit the contact form at

** Tips for new students: The key to activating your account is to click on the FLA-PASS generated registration link. On the resulting screen, you’ll see your email address in place of an “invalid reference number.” Under the “Create new password” section, type over the dots in password box and then re-type your password to confirm it. Adhere to the password rules shown.  Click GO and you’ll be sent to the FLA-PASS home page, where you can choose to view the lists of available databases. When you click on a database for the first time, you will be asked to enter your username and password.

How do I activate my FLA-PASS account so I can log in? The administration office at your high school or more than likely, your media specialist, will give you a form to register. Once you turn in this form with proper signatures, your media specialist will put you in the system. You will receive an email from the FLA-PASS system. Follow the links and directions in this email to activate your account.

Login Expiration: Student login’s for expire on August 31 of each year. Students who continue to be eligible for the program in the new school year (as of September 1) can work with their administrator to renew their account. Please contact your school’s administrator for further information.

Student’s Guide to FLA-PASS: This is a short guide to lead you through activating your account and getting started with the FLA-PASS databases.


How can library media specialist, teachers, and other non-students get access to the e-resources available through FLA-PASS? Remote access to databases licensed by the Florida Virtual Campus are only available to students in accelerated mechanism programs. However, access to databases should be available on a “walk-in” basis at either a local state university or college library, depending on the resource. At some libraries you may need a guest username and password to log into the library computers. Ask at the library’s reference or circulation desk if you need help.

How do I become an authorized administrator of FLA-PASS for my school? To become a FLA-PASS administrator for your school, complete the administrator application form and have your Principal or Assistant Principal return it via email to Katrina Figgett, at the Florida Department of Education. Each school may have up to four FLA-PASS administrators.

Administrators Guide to FLA-PASS (for Staff)