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Florida Polytechnic University

**Email Only**

Library Website:

Library hours: 8AM-5PM, Monday through Friday

Phone numbers: Main Poly number: 863-583-9050

Dummy Log-In Instructions for Library Staff Only:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the Username and Password (do not share this information):

    1. Username = flopolflvc
    2. Password = ommegangrarevoslakeland
  3. Visit and do a search. You should gain access to all of our resources. It may be a good idea to delete all browser cache after each AAL session just so the token is reset for the next librarian and please remember to log out after each session!

Catalog Questions

Link to catalog:

Purchase Suggestions: We do not have any purchase suggestions at this time


Password:  The user accounts are managed by our IT department and only they would be able to help with a password reset if needed, but students are trained in how to login and access across all the systems at Poly. That email for IT is

Ebooks: Virtual Ebook help would only be accessible through the vendor databases. Please email the library with any questions

Printing: Under Technology

Ask a Librarian Public FAQ:

Research Help



Other Helpful Information

Site Coordinator Contact Information

Katherine Miller