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Jersey College

Library Website: – Click on “Log in to the Virtual Library” to access catalog and databases

Library hours:

Ewing Campus Library: Mon-Thurs 8:30-5:30, Fri 8-4

Tampa Campus Library: Mon 10-7, Tues-Thurs 9-6, Fri 8-4

Teterboro Campus Library: Mon-Wed 9:30-5:30, Thurs 11-7, Fri 8-4

Phone numbers:  Ewing: (609) 362-9341

Ft. Lauderdale: (954) 321-8890

Jacksonville: (904) 733-3588

Tampa: (813) 435-5473

Teterboro: (201) 535-4325

Dummy Log In: Username: Teterboro Password: survey

Catalog Questions

Link to catalog:

ILL: Regular circulating materials may be placed on hold by checking the box next to the item in the catalog.  The student will be notified when the book is available for them.  NOTE: There is not interlibrary loan between campuses. Students are encouraged to sort their search by LOCATION to see what is available at their campus library.

Purchase Suggestions:


Password Help:  Username for all students is Firstname.Lastname.  For students who entered school in 2013 or later, their password is welcome plus the year they started (ex: welcome2015).  Any student who entered in 2012 or earlier will have the password welcome plus the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number.(i.e. welcome1234). If a student wants a password reset, they will need to contact their campus library or send an email to

Library Card Issues: Every student is given a library account. If you have any issues, please contact your campus’s library

Ebook Help: Ebooks are available through the library catalog. Books listed as “TEXT” can circulate for 1 day. E-books are one user licenses (in case someone says they can’t access one because someone else is in it).  If a student says they get an error like “No results found” for a book by clicking the EBSCO link from a record, they should report that to one of us for EBSCO support help.

Misc. FAQ:

Printing: All PN students have $5.00 in their printing accounts upon entry to the school; RNs have $20.00. Printing only works from the computer stations in the campus computer labs marked “Print here.” Printing password uses the 1st three letters of the last name, 1st 3 letters of first name, and full birthday. For example: for John Smith, born May 8, 1969, the password would be SMIJOH05081969. Printing costs $0.15 per page.

Ask a Librarian Public FAQ:

Research Help

Link for databases or to database search page: Access to Electronic Resources:  The 3 main electronic databases are CINAHL, Nursing Reference Center, and an e-book database ( all three are supplied by EBSCO).  They can be accessed from the left-hand column of the main library catalog page once the students log into the library. They do not need a separate login to access these databases.

Database Title List: CINAHL Journal Search, Nursing Reference Center, EBSCO E-Book Database

LibGuides:  All links are located on left-hand column once students have logged into the library page. Links include tutorials on how to search the catalog and databases, how to cite, general nursing website links, and at the bottom of the left-hand column are the school surveys, which students are required to take at the end of each term.

Other Helpful Information

Circulation Policy: Regular collection (including TEST books) can circulate for 2 weeks with one 1-week renewal. Books listed as “TEXT” can circulate for 1 day.  Reference books do not circulate. Books listed as “FAC” are either only for faculty checkout or are housed in faculty offices and not for student use.

Reserves URL and Policy: Items on reserve can only be checked out by students in that course.  The only books on reserve are BLS Student Manual for 1st term CPR students, 100 Case Studies in Pathophysiology for RN 1st Term Pathophysiology students, and Success in Practical/Vocational Nursing – 7th ed. for 4th Term PN students.

Special Features: Every 6 weeks, each campus should be holding some type of Computer Workshop.  Students should see their Librarian or Student Services Dept. to sign up for the next date classes are offered at their campus.

If students want to schedule time with a Librarian in person to do research, they should email and specify their campus.

Wireless Policy:

Ewing: Student wireless through “Student Wifi EW.”  Password is “studentwireless.”

Tampa: Student wireless through “wireless center 5 student.”  Password is “studentwireless.”

Teterboro: Student wireless through “Student WIFI.”  Password is “studentwifi.”

Site Coordinator Contact

Jackey Presley,, (Trenton Campus)