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USF Health Libraries

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Phone numbers: 813.974.2243

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Library Card Issues: If your login fails repeatedly in a short span of time, your account may be locked for security reasons. Call Shimberg Circulation at (813) 974-8432, and we may be able to unlock your account. Otherwise, wait one hour for your account to unlock, and try again. Note that at some institutions, multiple users making failed login attempts can block the entire institution.

Ebook Help: Maximum User Error -Some electronic resources set a contractual limit on the number of USF users who may access the resource at any given time. Once that limit is reached, anyone attempting to access the resource will receive a message such as “The maximum number of concurrent users has been reached” or “The maximum number of licenses has been exceeded.” When you receive such a message, it simply means that all available “seats” at that resource are taken, and you need to wait until a “seat” opens up. Wait 15 minutes, and then attempt to access the resource again. The 15 minute wait will ensure that any users who did not properly log out of the resource will be logged out for inactivity, and their “seat” will be made available.

Printing: Color laser printers are available for printing in the Lab and in Public areas. Check with Lab staff for current printing charges. All printers are shut down 15 minutes before the Library closes.

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Borrowing Policies:  USF faculty, staff and students may borrow BOOKS from the Shimberg Health Sciences Library with a USF ID card, which is also your library card. See USF ID card link for additional information.

BOOKS may be borrowed for 60 days. One renewal (of 30 days) is allowed per book. Books may be renewed online. Online renewals  (Note: Patrons may reborrow an item they have returned after a 48-hour wait period.)


No fines are charged. After overdue notices are sent, the borrower will be invoiced by USF for the replacement cost of the item and check-out privileges will be suspended until such bills are paid or the material returned.

BOOK RETURNS are located at the Circulation Desk and at a curbside drop box in parking lot #30.


  • Reserves are located behind the Circulation Desk.
  • Reserve materials may be signed out for two-hour in-library use with a USF ID or driver’s license.
  • Print Reserve Form (for instructors needing to put print items on reserve)

Site Coordinator Contact

Rose Bland

Kristen Sakmar