User Exit Survey Responses 2017

Here are the reactions from users surveyed in September, 2017:

Was this your first time using Ask a Librarian?

Was your question answered today?


Did the librarian show you any Web-based library resources today (library catalog, databases, etc.)?


Do you think you would be able to use those same resources on your own, later on?


Do you think you will be more comfortable doing online research in the future?


Would you use the Ask a Librarian service again?


How did you find Ask a Librarian?

“Other” Responses included:

My college – My professor – My school – A librarian showed me


We welcome your comments or suggestions. Please let us know how we are doing, and how we can improve!

Here are some direct quotes from the responses:

“Loved it!!!”

“Oh my gosh I’m so glad I was told to use this service, what a lifesaver! Super helpful and nice straight forward answers!”

“Very fast and to the point. Great service.”

“Never answered the first question. Not in any kind of depth. Never went back to the first question. After thanked for answer to second question, she quickly left the chat before I could say anything else. RIDICULOUS waste of time …”

“More ask-a-librarian hours would be super helpful!!”